Despite accounting for only a small share of traffic on Europe's roads, Heavy Goods Vehicles are involved in a disproportionately high number of collisions each year. The problem lies in blind spots to the front and side that make cyclists and pedestrians invisible to the driver.

Legislation to increase mirrors on vehicles has not solved the problem. Estimates suggest 2000 cyclists still die on roads in the EU each year, with Heavy Goods Vehicles involved in a high proportion of those fatalities. It's now just over two years since Eilidh was run over by a truck that failed to see her. Her family and friends have been working with their local Member of European Parliament to try and get an EU declaration, Written Declaration 81 signed to get HGVs fitted with sensors and cameras to remove their blind spot.


Liberal Democrat MP Sir Alan Beith presented a Ten Minute Rule Bill to Parliament, demanding better safety equipment to eliminate blind spots on HGVs. The Berwick MP is tabling the Bill as part of the ‘See Me, Save Me’ campaign, organised by the bereaved family and friends of Eilidh Cairns and backed by Brake.

Read Sir Alan Beith's speech here.
Read about the Bill's progress here.

GET INVOLVED: Ask your MP to support the Bill

The second reading is on 9 September 2011. Write to your MP at Road Safety Bill 2010-11, tabled by Sir Alan Beith MP.

Kate Cairns at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, on 'See Me Save Me'.